When my previous IT provider went out of business without notice, My CFL Tech stepped up without hesitation on short notice to help us navigate the change quickly and efficiently. My business did not suffer, and we were at considerable risk.

My CFL Tech gives us peace of mind knowing the security they provide protects us highly and have a team of experts watching our back. They took the time to learn our business and business needs and work hard to align with us. I trust this Team.

Teresa Law

My CFL Tech took over from a previous provider we had for over 15 years. I cannot express how smoothly it went and regret not doing it sooner. I now know all my costs exactly and am able to budget accordingly without any surprise billings.

My CFL Tech is very reliable and knowledgeable with the fastest response times we have ever experienced. They are always available with their 24x7 hotline and keep us informed during the entire process.

Ann Title

My CFL Tech gives me an experience of confidence in knowing my issues are being resolved. There is no need for me to spend my quality time following up to ensure they’re completing all our IT tasks. I appreciate the professional communication delivered by their company. As a relatively busy person, I do not have to follow up or keep a list of items with their techs, I like the attention to detail and quick response time.

Dawn Manufacturing

My CFL Tech has outstanding customer service within the IT services for businesses, which I feel offers effective, and timely responses to customer needs. I feel confident in their employees listening to our problems and offer assurance in solutions because it restores loyalty and confidence in their vision as an IT solutions company.

Cheryl Investigations

I always have a great experience with the services offered by My CFL Tech Solutions, especially the charming and friendly employees!  I especially like their responsive to our customer needs and our projects are completed on time and within budget. I have not worked with a better IT Company regarding issues and how our IT needs are handled.  My CFL Tech employees have a modern way of communicating and interacting with colleagues, making me comfortable with their services as a client. The cooperation of their team as a Managed Solution Provider delivers excellent service beyond my expectations with their time consciousness and professionalism.

Chrissy Construction